How many times can I make changes to the standard form notices?

You can change the standard form notices as often as wish. These changes will only affect new invoices that are added.

Can I email only one form?

Yes, you can email individual forms or the whole package.

Can I use my own notices on the forms?

Legal notices are provided which can be used, edited, or deleted and replaced with one of your own.

Do you provide all required forms for my flood restoration company?

We provide 10 forms for mitigation and 7 forms for construction. If there are any forms that we do not provide, let us know and we can add the forms to the program.

What happens if my standard form notices become unusable?

If your standard forms notices become unusable or if it will take too long to fix them, we provide a back button that will revert back to the original standard notice provided.

If my company removes carpet out of six different rooms in house, can your program give me a total square footage of carpet removed?

Yes, the program has an Invoice Summary form that keeps a running total of Quantity's or Units, taxes, O&P's, and Total Prices charged for all items in your invoices. This makes it really easy for contractors when they do Build Back or for Insurance Adjusters, when they total up all costs for the job. Done automatically for you!

What is the favorite line items list?

Favorite line items list is a list of your most commonly used line items for faster estimating / invoicing creation! Each user is able to add line items and organize their own favorite line items list the way they want!

Do you have electronic signatures?

We do have electronic signatures, so there is no need to carry paper forms to have signed at the job. Get electronic signatures and email them straight to your customers and/or insurance adjustors.

Can I use this program for my plumbing company?

Yes, with the Craftsman prices that we provide there is plumbing line items and pricing included. If there are line items that you use that are not in the program, we allow you to add line items and prices.

How do I add my own line items?

You add your own line items and pricing in the standards tab. We provided training videos that will show you step by step.

How many invoices will the program store and how long will they be kept?

Your invoices will be kept in the program until you cancel your subscription. It is always recommended that you print out all completed invoices for your records.

What is the dry out timer for?

The dry out timer is used to track how long drying equipment has been running at a job.

Is there after hours prices for line items?

You can make any line item an afterhour’s price by selecting the job as an after hour’s job, or by selecting individual items to be after hours prices.