How Our Program Came About

We have been operating many years in the restoration industry handling everything from water, mold, fire and construction build backs.

Working in the field and using hand written forms or scope sheets fell far from being fast and easy to use. A number of other estimating programs were hard to use and difficult to master. After a long hard day's work, the last thing we wanted to do was spend many more hours in the office trying to create a professional looking estimate or invoice. Carrying around folders with various legal forms was just not the complete package we were looking for. We really wanted an "all in one" program that could be completed at the job site. After searching and struggling for a number of years for a better way, it became clear that once again necessity would become the mother of invention. We decided to design a estimate and invoicing program that was surprisingly just not available and especially not to the extent that we had envisioned.
A great

Valuable features included in a estimating and invoicing program

Which features would you as a water, mold, fire, construction and carpet cleaning company like to see in an estimating and invoicing program? These are all the features that Restoration Estimating & Invoicing Solutions LLC provides with our program.
Unlimited estimates and invoices
Work Authorization forms
Anti-microbial authorization forms
Work stoppage forms
Moisture maps / psychometric reports
Diagram drawing tool
Electronic signatures
Scheduling calendar
Line items with pricing
Ability to add your own items with pricing
Ability to add any item to a favorites list

Other than all the features that we provide, other restoration and remediation companies wanted to see these other features. We will be adding two of these features in the future.
Release from liability forms
Pre-lien / lien forms
Xactimate price list

The right tool for the job

As a flood restoration company, we are always looking for better ways to improve our flood
damage estimating and invoicing packets.

We now use the Restorationeis system and have found that this is the only all in one tool that
greatly helps our company with mobile claims.

The drawing tool is fantastic and has icons that you can overlay on your sketch such as
air movers, dehumidifiers and other drying equipment needed on water loss estimates.
The new iicrc air mover standards are now easier to document than ever.
The insurance agents can now see your exact placement of equipment right on your water
damage estimates.
Working at the job site with this program has many advantages and is easy to learn.

Adding Photos to your Estimate / Invoice

After being in the industry for years, we really understood the problem with sending photos to insurance adjusters, insured person or other contractors with other estimating claims software. Emailing one, two, or three photos at a time, became really time consuming. The other issue was to keep track of all your photos and which jobs they belong to. This is why we wanted to make sure that the user could add photos to each job.
There are two places you can add a photo to a job.
The first place is on the bottom right side on the cover sheet. Companies like to add a photo of the front of the residence or commercial building showing an address. Others like to show a photo of exactly where the point of loss occurred. For example, a photo of a busted washing machine water supply line.
The second place is on the photos form. You have the option to add up to twenty-four photos to each job. We have experienced that most flood restoration companies have positive feedback when they pr

Taking Notes on the Job

Have you ever been creating an estimate or invoice at a water, mold, fire or construction job site and you needed to take notes about that particular restoration or remediation job? You wasted time going out to your work truck looking for a piece of scratch paper. You finally decide to write your notes on a used napkin you had purchased early this morning with that glazed donut on the way to the job. After what seemed to be three hours, you write down what you think was the correct notes, you toss the napkin into your work truck’s glove compartment. Never to be seen again
We have provided a great tool that makes it possible to take notes inside each job.
While working on an estimate or invoice with your desktop, laptop or tablet, click on the Notes icon on the top right side above the Save Form and Calculator icons. This will bring up a notepad so you can write anything you wish about that particular water, mold, fire or construction job. Any user that logs in and goes into

Professional forms

Working at the job site with this program has many advantages and is easy to learn.
Have you ever come across a Psychometric report form that comes with your estimating claims software? An easy to learn program tool that is simply the best we have ever seen.

As a water restoration contractor it is now possible to complete your estimate or invoice
at the job site.

No training is even required on this mobile claims report.

The temperature and relative humidity is all that is needed to be filled out. The grains per pound and dew point populate automatically.

This business software by Restoration Estimating & Invoicing Solutions LLC has forever changed the way we complete remediation jobs.

Adding user line items to your database

Restoration Estimating & Invoicing Solutions LLC provides more than 13,000 line items with pricing provided by Craftsman Book Company in multiple categories. Besides the more than 13,000 line items provided by Craftsman Book Company, we have added nearly 300 water extraction and mold remediation line items with pricing to the price list. With over 30 years in the industry, we have found that these items were items that are frequently used.
All Craftsman Book Company and Restoration Estimating & Invoicing Solutions LLC line item pricing will be adjusted utilizing area modifiers associated with each jobs zip code in the USA and Canada. This area modifiers list is updated quarterly automatically. The price that you see in the standards tab or when you add line items will not show the price with the area modifier percentage added until you add the line items to your estimate. Worried about Insurance Adjusters not accepting Craftsman Book Company pricing or you just can’t fi

Emailing an Invoice Package

One of the many features that we wanted to add to our program was the ability to email all documents as one package. This valuable tool was not an option with Xactimate, Symbility, Simsol and other business software companies.
The days of printing, scanning, faxing and emailing all your required documents to the insurance adjuster and or insured person are over. Usually a technician would have to carry around folders filled with all their forms, such as, scope sheets, work authorization, moisture maps, psychometric reports, work stoppage, and certificate of completion forms. After the technician receives signatures from clients, they would have to scan in the documents and send them over to the insurance adjusters. Emailing one, two, or three photos at a time became really time consuming.
When an invoice package is ready to email to the insurance adjuster, insured person or other contractors, we always recommend previewing the package to ensure everything is completed to your

Why is it good to have an Invoice Summary

An Invoice Summary has three sections and many benefits when it is added to your invoice package.
The first section on the Invoice Summary is the All Areas Dimensions. This gives you the total overall dimensions of the affected areas. It also gives you the total affected dimensions of the affected areas. All of these dimensions are calculated automatically. For example, if you have five affected areas you are working on. This will tell you the total overall and affected dimensions of all five affected areas.
The second section on the Invoice Summary is the Item Description Totals. This will list all item descriptions with Qty or Units, UOM, Tax, O&P and Total prices that were in all affected areas for that job. For example, if you have an item description Carpet pad removal - wet non-salvageable, category 3, tear-out & bag for disposal in all five affected areas. The Qty or Units, Tax, O&P and Total price will be calculated automatically. So this will tell you how

Our drawing tool is extremely easy to use

Ashlyn loves using the Restoration Estimating & Invoicing Solutions LLC diagram drawing tool. She is constantly drawing her dream bedroom. Adding her bed, night stands, dressers, ceiling fan, chairs, couches, closets, doors and windows is very simple. All you do is drag and drop! I consider her the best system tester for our program. If a seven year old can master the diagram drawing tool, any company employee can too!

While inside any estimate or invoice, click on the draw diagram button under the desired affected area in which you want to draw that area. This will take you to the diagram drawing tool.

On the right side of the diagram drawing tool there is options to add text, circles, squares, ovals, lines, dimensions and arrows. The user also has the option to add colored spray particles and free hand writing onto the drawing.

On the left side of the diagram drawing tool there is options to insert the room shape. The user also ca

Identifying mold in a home after a flood

Floods are a natural disaster that can wreck havoc in your home once water recedes. Mold spores accumulate around your home and can affect the health of the home owners and inhabitants. To be on the safe side, as a home owner you will have to look for the warning signs of mold spores and take the recommended steps to remove the mold before it affects your family members.

Below are a few steps to help you identify and get rid of mold after a flood and save your home from the attributed damages. You can hire services from flood restoration service providers to help you with this.

Check your home

When a building is surrounded by flood water, regardless of the source of the flood water, ensure that you inspect and document the damages. Ensure that you check the buildings for any possible damages. The inspections are important for your safety as well as tax and insurance purposes. Before the physical assessment begins, eliminate gas,

Restoration EIS!

Working in the water, fire, and mold restoration industry can be very demanding. Restoration Estimating and Invoicing Solution also known as restorationeis offers a complete program for only 75.00 dollars a month.

This invoicing program can work for many other industries such as roofing, construction, flooring, painters, etc. The program is best formatted for remediation projects or job estimates.

You might think that a Invoicing program at this price point would be lacking in many features. We offer many useful tools available for you to use outside or inside of the office and complete your work right there where you need it the most. How would you like to have the ability to make and complete your mitigation estimates or invoices right at the job sight?

The program allows you to make your own line item descriptions with pricing that is always available on your laptop or tablet. All necessary forms are also built right into the program c